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Pallet Rack or Boltless Shelving: Which is Right for Your Application?

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Teilhaber is the industry leader in custom shelving and pallet rack solutions. We manufacture custom shelving and pallet rack systems, designed to suit each customer’s needs and facility’s criteria. Teilhaber solutions can accommodate virtually any storage and handling application.

Two such solutions are pallet rack and boltless shelving, or rivet shelving. Depending on the product that you will be storing, your application may require one or the other, or maybe even both. But before deciding on which of these products best fits your application, it’s important to learn more about each product and understand the pros and cons of each.

Pallet Rack

Pallet rack is the workhorse of the modern warehouse. It is the largest and strongest type of industrial shelving in the industry. It is ideal for palletized loads in areas where a high quantity of inventory is being stored. Generally, inventory on pallet racks is loaded and unloaded with a forklift and is stored either on pallets or in high vertical stacks of single items. Pallet rack is extremely versatile and can be customized to fit virtually any space or application. Nearly all industrial warehouses and distribution centers utilize pallet rack due to its customizability, high capacity and ease of access for quick loading and unloading of inventory.

There are several different varieties of pallet rack, including: Selective Rack, Drive In/Drive Thru Rack, Flow Rack, Push Back Rack, Cantilever Rack and Sliding Rack. If your application involves a high volume of inventory or if the inventory is especially heavy, pallet rack may be the best solution for you. Contact a Teilhaber Representative to learn more about our pallet rack options and how they can be tailored for your operation.

Boltless Shelving

Boltless shelving, also called Rivet Shelving, is more geared for lower-volume or hand-loaded items. It can be used in back rooms or in the warehouse. It is extremely versatile and customizable and, as the name suggests, features boltless connections for its components. Rivet Shelving is available in either single or double rivet, with double rivet holding much more weight per shelf. Rivet shelving is typically outfitted with some type of particleboard that provides the flat shelf surface. Alternatively, heavy-duty applications or those needing to comply with fire codes may have a wire deck fit atop the shelf supports.

Because items that are stored on boltless shelving are hand-loaded, as opposed to using a forklift, they are accessible on all sides. Rivet shelving is a great alternative to other types of steel shelving because of its fast, easy assembly. You can assemble boltless rivet shelving in half the time of conventional shelving and no nuts, bolts or clips are required!

While Rivet Shelving is not well-suited to heavy loads or extremely high-volume inventory, it is still a staple of warehouses everywhere and is extremely useful for light to medium-duty storage. Contact a Teilhaber Representative to learn more about our boltless shelving options and how they can be tailored for your operation.


Teilhaber Manufacturing Corporation was established in 1977, in Broomfield, CO by our original founder, Chuck Lynch.

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