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Teilhaber Manufacturing Corporation: Q-Mezzanine - Platforms and Catwalks

Platforms and catwalks transform currently unused overhead space into usable storage areas. These systems allow you to take full advantage of the cubic potential of your building. These areas are currently heated, cooled and lighted so why not take advantage and use them for additional storage space.

 teilhaber 3 level elevated walkway system
3-Level Elevated Walkway System
teilhaber multilevel pick module
Multilevel Pick Module 

Our freestanding platforms are designed and engineered for your unique space. These add efficient and economical floor space by building up into areas that are already being heated, cooled and lighted. A platform essentially doubles the available floor space for a given area.  

In their most basic form catwalks are shelving units connected by grating and grating supports to create a multilevel storage area. Using the shelving to support the access walkways allows for pulling product from systems up to 28’ tall without the use of ladders or special lifts or equipment. Every shelf becomes accessible by simply walking down the appropriate aisle. These systems allow you to get the highest level return on investment for your given space.

 teilhaber rack supported storage platform
Rack Supported Storage Platform
teilhaber storage platform
Storage Platform

Since we manufacture both platforms and catwalks we have the ability to design and combine the two types of systems together as well without bringing in a third party integrator.  

OSHA or IBC spec stairways, handrail systems and access gates are available as well as several decking options for all of our platforms and catwalks.

 teilhaber walkway system
Lower Level - Supported Walkway System
teilhbaer full mat storage platform
Full Mat Storage Platform Installation