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Teilhaber Pick Modules

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Teilhaber Manufacturing Corporation is known industry-wide for its best in class manufacturing for shelving, pallet racks and elevated platforms. Combining the unparalleled knowledge and experience of our staff with our best-in-class products makes Teilhaber a go-to for customized storage solutions such as pick modules.

Pick modules, also known as engineered racking systems, frequently provide the highest return on investment for your space and needs. These engineered projects integrate different storage solutions inside multi-level systems to provide the most efficient solution for your needs. Teilhaber listens to the needs of all parties to ensure that we can design a unique storage application that maximizes your space.

These catwalk systems promote optimum flow efficiency. Using our C.U.E. Shelf, C.U.E. Rack or a combination of both products, we ensure that your elevated platform transforms your unused overhead space into a usable storage area. Your new engineered system allows you to take full advantage of the cubic potential of your building. Utilize all the vertical space that currently has heating, cooling and lighting. Leaving that space empty is an inefficient use of your building’s layout.

A pick module utilizes various rack components throughout your warehouse to safely and efficiently move product through your warehouse to expedite the fulfillment process. When done correctly, this engineered layout can not only consolidate and more efficiently utilize existing space, it can also reduce redundancies, eliminate walking time, save on labor costs and cut delivery times to various areas of your operation.

Reclaim your unused space today and begin the journey toward operational efficiencies by contacting Teilhaber about our Pick Module Systems. For more information about Teilhaber products, including our multilevel pick modules, visit https://teilhaber.com/products/c-u-e-elevated-platform/.


Teilhaber Manufacturing Corporation was established in 1977, in Broomfield, CO by our original founder, Chuck Lynch.

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