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Pallet Rack Safety

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Wire Decking on Pallet Rack - Side View

Using up to date safe pallet racking systems can be of the utmost importance to your facility and warehouse. However, if mis-utilized and/or ignored, can be extremely detrimental and dangerous to your product and employees.

Is a load too heavy for the system? Does the operator know how to properly place a pallet on any given rack? Can any racks or beams withstand a bump from a forklift? These are completely studious questions that need to be asked and answered by every company. It’s imperative to not only ask them, but ensure safety procedures to make sure you don’t need to answer them.

  • If you implement the following criteria, you can maximize your return on warehouse costs and extend the longevity of your equipment.
  • Choose the correct racking system
  • Protect your racking system
  • Educate your employees
  • Schedule a routine inspection

First, make sure you’re choosing the correct racking system that fits your facility; that it doesn’t go above or below what you need. It’s important to use a professional service or consultant who can recommend a system that works best for your facility before spending thousands of dollars.

Second is to protect your racking system, be sure to invest in the proper protection to save what could be potential damage or danger down the road.

After that, make sure all employees know how to use the system without any question or apprehension. OSHA has regulations in place that must be followed, but this and this alone doesn’t and will not prevent terrible warehouse accidents from happening. All employers in this discipline need to take extra steps to teach pallet rack safety along with forklift training for every warehouse manager and particular employees.

Lastly, and maybe most importantly, you must inspect, repair and replace any components on a regular basis. Consult an experienced material handling equipment distributor to complete routine inspections.  Any weak or missing link in the structure can result in a complete failure of the system. Inspections not only give you peace of mind, but can reduce insurance costs.

As long as the appropriate steps are taken and you enlist the help of a qualified contractor, you are already negating some of the risk for a potential disaster. Using proper materials, that are inspected regularly, is imperative and crucial to your warehouse safety. We at Teilhaber consider workplace safety a high priority. All of our racking systems are manufactured to the highest quality making them a reliable product that our customers know they’re getting.


Teilhaber Manufacturing Corporation was established in 1977, in Broomfield, CO by our original founder, Chuck Lynch.

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Teilhaber Manufacturing Corporation was established in 1977, in Broomfield, CO by our original founder, Chuck Lynch.

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