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Planning for high bay shelving

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High Bay Shelving

High-Bay Shelving is a popular storage solution due to its low cost and high cube storage. The motivation for setting up a High Bay Warehouse varies greatly: shorter supply chains, increased storage space or better distribution performance are among the most common reasons. Anyone who has researched the value of using a high-bay storage solution knows that it’s not always an easy one, as good as the decision is, planning a large project like this is a complex task. 

Site Selection for High Bay Shelves

High real estate costs can require off-site facilities to be located in older buildings or newer but out-of-the-way facilities. Wherever the room is situated, soil and structural checks are needed to ensure that the designated location will support the weight of its contents of a high-bay system. 

Storage Space Requirements

Think about tomorrow while worrying about how much space your organization needs. Certainly, you’re considering how much space you’re going to need right now, but planning for expansion is always a smart idea. Teilhaber always recommends you never forget pallet rack safety requirements.

Shelving and Retrieval

High-bay systems are, well, tall. That being said, they may require an order picker or integrated catwalk system to safely access items. While planning your layout, it is important to remember not only the size of the order picker itself and the space it will need to operate, but also the order picker’s various accessories. Catwalk systems, likewise, are viable options, eliminating the need for motorized equipment.  The more specifics you consider now, the fewer surprises you’ll have down the road.

High Bay Shelving Testing and Certification

Installing a high-bay storage system is a major investment of time and resources. That being said, all such systems should be thoroughly reviewed in order to ensure they adhere to accepted standards. 

Next Steps

Teilhaber’s high bay shelving systems are truly capable of using every inch of both the floor space and the vertical height of your facility. We will create a customized solution to meet your specific needs and specifications. Our design team knows how to turn your space challenges or production line issues into efficient results. Contact us today and let’s talk about what you’re dealing with and where you’d like to see some changes. We can get you there. https://teilhaber.com/


Teilhaber Manufacturing Corporation was established in 1977, in Broomfield, CO by our original founder, Chuck Lynch.

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Teilhaber Manufacturing Corporation was established in 1977, in Broomfield, CO by our original founder, Chuck Lynch.

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