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Types and Applications

Teilhaber Manufacturing Corporation: C.U.E. - Shelf Boltless Shelving Types and Applications

4 Different Q Shelf Images

C.U.E. - Shelf comes in 4 distinct unit types:

Standard Duty

Medium Duty

Standard Duty:

Standard Duty:

Posts are available in heights up to 28 feet with the option of a welded footplate. All shelves are adjustable on 1-1/2 inch vertical centers.

C.U.E. - Shelf can be used with a number of decking options including:

Applications - The versatility of C.U.E. - Shelf allows it to be used in many configurations:

Archive Storage

C.U.E. – Shelf has components specifically designed for use in archive and document storage which allows for the densest and most functional storage of record storage boxes. Archive storage is available in anything from a single unit to a full multilevel storage system.

Contact us with your storage needs and we will design the best possible solution.

Our Goal Then And Now Is To Provide High Quality Storage Solutions.

Our design and production capabilities combined with our years of experience allow us to stand apart from other manufacturers.